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Business Codes

Our Standards of Business Conduct

Killam strives to be a good corporate citizen and continually pursues this distinction through its employees. The Code of Conduct also reflects what Killam believes to be the best practices for our business. 

Click here to download the latest copy of Killam's Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Whistleblower Policy

Killam has adopted a Whistleblower Policy to encourage individuals and businesses to report any harmful activity without fear of retribution. The Whistleblower Policy underscores Killam's commitment to operating under the highest standards of accountability and transparency.

Below is a confidential form to report any harmful activity you may have witnessed. Reports will be sent to Karine MacIndoe, Chairman of the Audit Committee. All information submitted will remain confidential. If you choose to disclose your identity, it will only be accessible to the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

The goal of the Whistleblower Policy and this form is to:

  • Encourage employees, advisors, tenants, people and companies who do business with Killam Properties and any other Killam affiliated entity to report possible violations of law, accounting irregularities, and other suspected wrongdoing
  • Provide a confidential channel to report such activity
  • Discourage illegal activity and illegal business conduct
  • Protect Killam's good name, business interests and its relationships with employees, shareholders, broker-dealers, real estate professionals, suppliers, residents and the community at large

Whistleblower Form