Apartments for Students

Living Here Has Its Perks...

Largest selection of student accommodations; from studios and bachelors pads right up to 3 bedroom townhouses and apartments, we have it all!

Clean, secure, and newly renovated units; grown-up living on a student budget!

Special "Killam Tenant" Pricing from Bell-Aliant

Over $5,000 in Academic Scholarships at UPEI

Over $1,200 in Academic Bursaries at NSCC

Grown-up digs. Student budget.

Killam has the best selection of apartments for students in Atlantic Canada.

Tired of living with 300 other people? Wearing flip flops to the shower not your cup of tea? Can't get to sleep over your roommate's snoring? Why not give us a call and find out how Killam can help you find the ideal living space for you and perhaps a couple of your friends!