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At Killam, we pride ourselves on “Doing the Right Thing” and focusing our efforts on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs and initiatives. As part, we would like to encourage you to also “Do the Right Thing” and consider integrating some, or all, of these sustainability tips into your daily lives.



REDUCE PAPER | Opt out of credit card promotions, remove yourself from junk
mail lists, request paperless billing options when available and send greeting
cards via email instead of mailing paper. Going paperless is hard, no question,
but every bit helps!

CLEAN GREEN | Try creating your own natural cleaning products or use
biodegradable/green cleaning products.

BE ENERGY SMART | Stop phantom energy, i.e., energy that is drawn when
electronics are not in use, by using power bars/surge protectors. You may be
surprised how much this impacts your electric bill.

SHOP SMARTER | Eliminate single use items. Yes, they’re everywhere, but
when possible say no to plastic bags, takeout containers, straws, plastic utensils,
disposable coffee cups, etc.

The 3 R’s - REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. It’s the phrase that started it all!
Try challenging yourself to reduce the amount of garbage or increase the
amount of recycling from one week to the next.

REDUCE WATER | I know you’ve heard this one before, use less water! No need
to rinse dishes before loading them into the dishwasher or running the water
while brushing your teeth. Don’t forget to report leaky faucets right away.

REDUCE FOOD WASTE | We’ve all been guilty of unnecessary food waste one time
or another. Use a meal plan and always grocery shop with a list to help reduce waste.

GROW GREEN | Have plants in your home. Plants release oxygen and are
natural air purifiers. Green tip: Collect rainwater for watering plants.

SHOP ONLINE | Order online from retailers that commit to using less packaging
or select less packaging if an option.

SHOP LOCAL | Last but not least, shop local! Local businesses need our support
now more than ever, let’s show them some love.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

For more information on Killam’s ESG programs and initiatives, please visit our website HERE.

For more information on the global sustainable development goals and tips on how you can
make an impact, please visit the United Nations website HERE.