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Investor Facts

Killam Apartment REIT is one of Canada's largest residential landlords, owning and operating 190 apartment properties and 35 manufactured home communities (MHCs). Over the last 16 years Killam has built an established portfolio of properties and a strong operating platform. Management is committed to building on this foundation; maximizing the return on Killam's assets, and continuing to grow geographically with accretive acquisitions and developments in Canada.

Some of Investor Relations most frequently asked questions:

What kind of real estate assets does Killam own?

Killam owns and manages multi-family residential apartments in the six largest cities in Atlantic Canada, and in Ontario and Alberta. Killam owns and manages manufactured home communities (“MHC”) (also referred to as land lease communities) in Atlantic Canada and in Ontario. Approximately 90% of Killam’s net operating income (“NOI”) is generated from the apartment business and 8% from the MHC business.KIllam also has a small portfolio of commercial properties which account for 2% of its NOI.


How many properties does Killam own?

Killam owns 231 properties, including 190 apartment properties, 35 manufactured home communities and 6 commerical properties. Killam has a total of 15,093 apartment units and 5,165 MHC units. 


Where are Killam’s properties located?

Killam’s apartments are located in the six largest cities in Atlantic Canada, including:

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Saint John, New Brunswick
  • Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • St. John’s, Newfoundland
  • Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Killam also has apartments in Ontario and Alberta, including the following cities:

  • Ottawa
  • London
  • Cambridge
  • Toronto
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton

Killam’s manufactured home communities are located in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Newfoundland and New Brunswick.


Where is Killam headquartered?

Killam's head office is at 3700 Kempt Road, Suite 100, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


How long has Killam been consolidating the apartment market in Atlantic Canada?

Killam has been actively consolidating the apartment market in Atlantic Canada for over 16 years, since its first acquisition in February 2002. Killam's first apartment acquisition in Ontario was in 2010, and its first apartment acquisition in Alberta was in 2014.

What is Killam's monthly distribution?

Killam's monthly distribution is $0.05333 per unit ($0.64 annually). Prior to March 2018 the monthly distribution was $0.05167 per unit. The Board of Trustees approved a 3.2% increase to the distribution in Feburary 2018.


Does Killam have a distribution reinvestment plan (DRIP)?

Yes, Killam has a distribution reinvestment plan. The Plan provides eligible unitholders with the opportunity to reinvest their cash distributions, on each distribution payment date, in additional REIT units at the average market price of such units. Participating unitholders also receive a “bonus” distribution of REIT units representing 3% of the amount of the distribution reinvested pursuant to the Plan, based on the volume weighted average market price of Killam units for 10 days preceding the distribution payment date. For more information on the DRIP please go to the ‘Unit Information’ section of the Investors portion of the website.


When did Killam convert to a real estate investment trust?

Killam completed its conversion to a REIT on January 1, 2016.


What is Killam’s ticker symbol?

Killam units trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol KMP.UN.


When was Killam incorporated?

Killam was incorporated in May 2000 and completed its first acquisition in February 2002. Killam converted into a REIT on January 1, 2016.


How can I contact Investor Relations?

Please contact Dale Noseworthy, Chief Fiancial Officer, with questions relating to Killam Apartment REIT.

Phone: 902-442-0388


Address: 3700 Kempt Road Suite 100, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 4X8


How do I contact Killam’s transfer agent?

Computershare Investor Services Inc. is Killam’s transfer agent. Computershare can be contacted at 1-800-564-6253 or at

Prince Edward Island