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COVID-19 | Letter from Killam's President & CEO

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

To our Killam Community,

Killam recognizes that as property owners, business operators, employers and community members, we have an important role to play in managing and controlling the spread of the Covid-19 virus.  Killam has been very active monitoring the growing impact of the virus and implementing its Pandemic Illness Plan to help lessen the spread of the virus and maintain the continued good health of all our stakeholders, namely our employees, residents, and the broader communities in which we operate.     

We have taken steps to increase the ease of communication for our stakeholders and you will now be able to use Killam’s website as a resource to find Killam updates and reference materials from the Canadian Government and the World Health Organization.     

Killam is confident that with the resolve and care of our committed staff, together with your cooperation, we will successfully contain the spread of the virus.  Please go to to visit Killam’s website, the Covid-19 virus button is part of the masthead at the top of the home page.

Executive Commitment and Committee Participation  

Killam has established a Covid-19 Response Committee (CRC) focused on monitoring this evolving pandemic and this committee has developed the Pandemic Illness Plan as a guideline to help mitigate and manage the spread of the virus.  This plan will be updated as required.  Our CPC includes individuals from Killam’s property management, human resources, and information technology teams, as well as the executive team.  Killam’s executive team is fully engaged, meeting every second day and receiving daily updates from the regions.   

We would highlight - a portion of the CPC works remotely, ensuring Killam continues to have healthy individuals available throughout the duration of the outbreak.

Our Residents

Killam has instructed its staff to provide frequent and diligent cleaning of all high-touch areas at our properties.  Our amenity spaces, including gyms, libraries, social rooms and theatres, have been closed to assist with social distancing.  Closing amenity spaces enables cleaning resources to better focus on the areas that tenants more regularly frequent.   

We will continue to communicate with residents via Posters in the lobbies of each our or buildings, as well as by through our website.  Also, we have provided information related to proper hygiene practices and encouraged all residents to follow the protocols set-out by government and health authorities.

Killam Employees

Killam’s team has been receiving ongoing updates related to Killam’s Pandemic Illness Plan and its implementation.  We are providing support to our Killam employees across the country, assisting them as they adjust their routines and cleaning practices in the face of this challenge.  We have limited the number of office staff in any given office and where possible, we have staff working remotely.  We enforce self-isolation as directed by our health authorities for employees who have travelled, or have been in contact with a carrier, or who are symptomatic.

All Killam employees who are required to self-isolate or who are ill, will receive paid time-off, as we have temporarily made adjustments to our Leave Policy.

Looking Forward

Killam’s ability to operate efficiently, effectively, and with due care may well be impacted during the course of this pandemic, but Killam is prepared to make the necessary operational changes to provide our stakeholders the best service possible as this outbreak evolves.   

We recognize that these are very unsettling times and we want you to know that your safety and good health are our number one priority.

Yours Truly,

Philip Fraser