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Accessibility Statement

Killam is committed to providing a website experience that is accessible and usable by all visitors. We strive to meet or exceed accessibility standards.

The website has been designed to be WCAG 2.0 level A compliant and meets the Province of Ontario's Accessible Information and Communications Standard (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005). 
In accordance with the WCAG 2.0 Guidelines, the Killam Properties website uses best practices and industry standards aimed at providing a high level of accessibility for our visitors.


Accessibility Features
  • Cascading Style Sheets (or CSS) have been used to control the visual display of the website and is compatible with screen readers. If your browser is unable to use style sheets, the information within our site will still be accessible.
  • Text alternatives for any non-text content such as images and buttons
  • Page titles that adequately describe content
  • The use of ALT tags so that images on the site contain a text description that can be read aloud by screen readers.
  • Font-sizes use relative units of measurement so that text scales both larger and smaller easily and consistently, without breaking the site. 
  • Support people who navigate via keyboard, for example using the Tab key instead of a mouse
  • Proper use of colour so that all information conveyed via colours is readable for those who are colour blind and there is adequate contrast between foreground and background. 
  • The ability to skip repeated or presentation content or markup to make navigation more efficient
  • Multiple ways to navigate and find content, including navigation menus, keyword search, hyperlinks and breadcrumbs
  • Website content is structured via heading tags (H1, H2 … H6) to provide structure and hierarchy. Some screen readers can cycle through the headings on any given web page by pressing the 'H' key on your keyboard. You may cycle backwards through the headings by pressing both the 'Shift' and letter 'H' keys together.
  • Supports use of Abbreviation and Acronym tags to provide definitions  
  • Link text or phrases are written to make sense when read aloud by a screen reader.
  • Where tables are used to display data, controls have been incorporate to enable screen readers to access the data so they can communicate it properly.
  • Online form controls are related to their form labels to help users with limited dexterity and/or visual disabilities.
  • Form errors are identified with text
  • Cross browser compatible 
  • Scalable for future standards
  • Compliant with W3C guidelines

Killam recognizes that there are circumstances where it is not practical to present content in an accessible format. As a result, barriers to accessibility exist. In these cases, best efforts are used to provide people with an alternative. Killam will monitor these areas and make an effort to provide accessible solutions as technology improves.

These exceptions include:

  • iFramed content such as Google Maps and Google Tag Manager
  • 3rd party vendor web applications such as WalkScore and Live Chat
  • Presentation content where making the content accessible would impede the ability of the content to achieve its intended purpose.
  • PDF content: some content is PDF format only. We are making efforts to reduce dependence on PDFs
  • RSS feeds
For More Information

For more information on website accessibility, visit these resources

WCAG 2.0 website 
AODA website  

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any comments or questions regarding our website accessibility.