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Meet Our Board Members

The Committees are an integral part of Killam's governance structure as they facilitate effective Board of Trustees' decision-making by providing recommendations to the Board of Trustees on matters within their respective responsibilities. The Board of Trustees has three Committees: the Audit Committee, the Governance, Nomination and Succession Committee and the Compensation Committee. Each Committee consists of a minimum of two trustees, one of whom is designated the Chair, as appointed by the Board of Trustees. A summary of the activities and responsibilities of each of the Committees is set out below.

Board of Trustees Mandate.

Philip Fraser Photo

Philip Fraser

President & Chief Executive Officer, Trustee
Philip has held his position at Killam since the company was founded in 2000. He brings 29 years of real estate expertis...
Robert Richardson Photo

Robert Richardson

Executive Vice President, Trustee
Robert is responsible for the Trust's operations and capital investment strategies. Robert has held the position of EVPs...
Manfred Walt Photo

Manfred Walt, CPA, CA (S.A.)

Trustee, Audit and Governance & ESG (Chair)
Mr. Walt is President and Chief Executive Officer of Walt & Co. Inc., a private investment and management company. M...
Aldéa Landry Photo

Aldéa Landry

Trustee Since: 2017
Ms. Landry is a lawyer, business executive and corporate director with significant legal, government and corporate gover...
James Lawley Photo

James Lawley

Trustee/Director Since: 2000
Mr. Lawley is involved in the commercial and residential real estate industry as the President and co-owner of Halkirk P...
Karine MacIndoe Photo

Karine MacIndoe

Trustee, Audit (Chair) and Compensation (Chair)
Karine MacIndoe has over 25 years of professional experience, mostly in real estate and capital markets, and 7 years of ...
Laurie MacKeigan Photo

Laurie MacKeigan

Trustee, Audit and Compensation
Laurie MacKeigan is the President of Backman Vid-Comm Ltd. ("Backman-Vid"), a commercial audio-visual integrator located...
Doug McGregor Photo

Doug McGregor

Trustee Since: 2021
Committee Membership: Governance & ESG Doug McGregor was the Group Head, RBC Capital Markets and RBC Investor & ...
Robert G. Kay - Chairman of the Board and Trustee Since: 2002

Robert G. Kay

Chairman of the Board and Trustee Since: 2002
Mr. Kay is Chairman and founder of Springwall Group International and Springwall Sleep Products Inc., one of Canada’s la...
Shant Poladian Board Member

Shant Poladian

Trustee Since: 2023
Mr. Poladian has been actively involved as a senior real estate and capital markets professional for more than two decad...