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Killam believes that effective corporate governance is critical to our continued and long-term success and will help to maximize unitholder value. The Board carries out its responsibilities with the support of several Board committees. The Governance and ESG Committee is responsible for the oversight of Killam’s ESG mandate and initiatives.


Governance and ESG Committee

Manfred J. Walt (Chair)

Manfred J. Walt (Chair)

Aldéa Landry

Aldéa Landry

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Killam is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive workplace for all employees and also recognizes the benefits which arise from employee ethnic origin and gender diversity:


Strengthened corporate culture
Improved employee retention
Access to different perspectives and ideas
Benefit of all available talent

Our established guidelines to oversee and foster ethical behaviour in everything we do is outlined in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the Code).


Risk Management & Cyber Security

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Killam’s risk management program assesses our largest risks as well as stay informed on emerging issues as the safety of our residents and staff are our top priority.

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On a quarterly basis, Killam’s Risk Management Committee, including senior representatives from all departments, addresses initiatives to improve the safety and security of our properties.

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As part of the risk management, Killam also employs cyber security program to ensure data protection and ensures resident and all proprietary data remain safe and secure.

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At Killam, advanced email security servers lever artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms as frontline defense for email security, multi-factor authentication is required for all employees to access all corporate emails and data, and cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery systems are provided.



Employee Demographics 


Killam has both employee and Board of Trustees diversity policies to promote inclusiveness, diversity and leadership opportunities.

Three of ten (30%) Board positions and six of eleven (55%) senior management positions are occupied by females.

Killam has partnered with the Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion (CCDI) to assist in its pursuit of a robust diversity and inclusion (D&I) program.



We are committed to engaging with all our stakeholders on ESG issues as these are the groups making us who we are as Killam and are ultimately benefiting from our efforts.


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