Board of Trustees


Killam believes that effective corporate governance is critical to our continued and long-term success and will help to maximize unitholder value. The Board carries out its responsibilities with the support of several Board committees. The Governance and ESG Committee is responsible for the oversight of Killam’s ESG mandate and initiatives.


Governance and ESG Committee


Alrea Landry Image


Aldéa Landry (Chair)

Manfred Walt Image


Manfred J. Walt

Doug MacGregor Image


Doug McGregor

Andrée Savoie


Andrée Savoie


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Diversity and Inclusion​

Killam recognizes the value that diversity brings to the Board of Trustees and Killam’s executive, including improved decision-making, good governance, and strong corporate performance. Killam has both employee and Board Diversity and Inclusion Policies to promote inclusiveness, diversity, and leadership opportunities.​




Killam is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive workplace for all employees and also recognizes the benefits which arise from employee ethnic, racial, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender orientation, marital status, civil status, physical or mental disability, and other diversity.

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Risk Management and Cybersecurity

Killam prioritizes risk management to ensure the safety of residents and staff. On a quarterly basis, Killam’s Risk Management Committee, including senior representatives from all departments, reviews initiatives to improve the safety and security of Killam’s portfolio. Killam’s proactive approach to risk management extends to mitigating the risks posed by climate change, such as floods.​



We are committed to protecting the security of our information systems and data against unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. We take a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, leveraging industry best practices, security tools, and processes to strengthen our IT environment.


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